What Will Happen If We Start Reading Others’ Minds

Mind Reading
Mind Reading

One cannot deny the fact that no enjoyment can compete the enjoyment of exercising power. But at the same time, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. So there always remains a paradox of ‘exercising power and its adverse effects’. Mind Reading is a power and it has no exceptions from the paradox of Power. It has both the bright side and the dark side.

Mind Reading is a power but have you ever thought of the effects of this power?

What would happen if all men had the ability to read the minds of other men?

Have you any idea?

Of course you might have many ideas explicit or implicit. Most of us would answer the question that it would have been good if this ability had been in the possession of men.

• Mind Reading would exterminate cheating. There would not be possibility to cheat anyone. As such, all complaints regarding cheating would have been suffocated.

• Through Mind Reading, there would not be anything like hypocrisy and guile. Everyone should have to be straight forward.

• Don’t you think that if it were so all our dictionaries would have words of only positive connotations?

• Literature would be without complex and intricate characters because literature is the mirror of society; when there would not be such characters and events then all the characters of the stories would be simple and straight.

• There would not be the surprises and this lack of surprises, some of you might think, would de-color the life.

• There would not be the enigmas and riddles. All the facts would be like a well done sum.

• There would not be the concealments. All our matters and affair must have been sort of geometrical shapes.

• There would not be any fool and no one can make fool others even if tried his best. 

• A mind is its own place. It can make anything but keeps it concealed but after the Mind Reading revolution, it could not keep its hell or heaven, concealed.

• We won’t have word like secret. Nothing could be secret and all the affairs and matters were ‘’silver and exact’’ like a mirror.

• Hatred sustains most of the time if remains concealed. But at the revelation it mostly it gets alleviated. So we can guess that with the power of mind reading we can kill the emotions of hatred.

• Wrath could not grow in one’s heart like a “poison tree’’. As Blake has said in his poem:

             “I was angry with my friend

              I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

              I was angry with my foe,

              I told it not my wrath did grow”

• All our relations with one another are very complex in modern times. This is mostly because we don’t know what others do and what others want to do. Everyone lives in his own confessional like box. If this screen of ignorance could be removed, we have better relations with one another.

These are some of the assumptions we might make having the idea of Mind Reading but this is not the entire picture. As we have said that there are always some adverse effects of power too so now we discuss what might be the dark side of this coin.

If men could read the minds of each other then it might be possible that

• All men would have lost interest in the other men. Because our interest in the other people is due to the diversity in their nature. When there is no variety there would nothing be interesting in people.

• Everyone would be like all the other men and this monotony would have killed the beauty of life.

• Mind Reading can minimize the extensions of life. There would be no hopes and it is hopes which lift the life and extend it. Most of the relations of ours are based on the hopes with the other. For example the marriage. We marry other one in hope that he or she would be with us at the every turn of life both in prosperity and adversity. Think for a moment that you read the mind of your would be spouse and he is known not trust worthy at that moment then it must kill the possibilities to be together. 

• There would not be the compromises and this can make the situation worse. Concealment provokes us to compromise but if there is everything clear then there could be no compromises which has been proved a very constructive action in relations and affairs.

• Punishment will be given at Will not at the actions. A criminal mind is one thing but a criminal action is another thing. Punishments are only given at the actions because this the embodiment of the criminal thought. A mere criminal thought has nothing to do with society unless it is revealed in the form of action. A criminal has opportunities to give up his criminal thought and avoid the consequences but when his thoughts are read he could be punished at his will only and this can be cause of the anarchy both in psychology of an individual and in the psychology of the society. There would be no remorse, no feeling of guilty and no opportunity of repentance. On one hand it might be good to nip the crimes in the bud but on the other hand the anarchy and destruction of the individual as consequences is obvious in this matter.

• Wars also will be generated at the will not at the attack.

Many of the countries of the world are enemies of each other for instance India and Pakistan, Iran and Israel, America and Russia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia and Iran etc.  But they do not attack and invade each other because there are many concealments of intentions among them and the most vivid thing is that they avoid attack being ignorant of the plans and strategy of the other country.

If one of the country read the mind of the other the avoidance of the attack will be lost and that war which could be avoid , would not be avoided and before the country that has intention to attack would get attacked by the other country. So in this way mind reading will open the doors of the war for such countries who generally avoid the war.

• There would not be such fertile and diverse literature in the world. What remains enigma, is revealed by literature in a very enigmatic way. But when there will be exactness like mirror this “mirror” of society will lose its brightness.

• If minds could be read then there would remain no need of human sciences. People will be at the verges of two extent: the misanthropy and the life without the blood of passions, emotions and desires.

• Life would be monotonous and this monotony will instigate human to commit suicide on account to get rid of the life like a mathematics equation.

• There would not be any sort of poetry.

Poetry is to recover the experience of the life by a person who involves his own desire, emotions and thoughts in this recovery. When there is mind reading there would be straightness while the relation between poetry and reality is always oblique. So this straightness will exterminate the poetry.

People want solutions not the equations. They are very different things and only solutions suit the human beings. So the Mind Reading will always remain a paradox. We should move towards solutions and Mind Reading is not the solution it is more like an equation. Human-Society and human-desire and hopes will suffocate in the clutch of this power. This is our random-thought what we thought. Now let us know what you think? Do you want to read your friend’s or relatives’ mind? Please let us know in the comments section of the video.