Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Marriage What Society Thinks?


We all see great content on YouTube. But isn’t it true that most of us go through comment section while watching the video.  What if you watch the video that contains most interesting comments about your favorite topic? Let’s read some comments about Ellen and Portia that got likes or reaction or are interesting or different. We picked up all sorts of comments. Positive, negative and neutral ones. 

Before reading those comments and analyzing how people reacted on Ellen’s and Portia’s wedding and how most of the people think about Ellen’s wedding, click the red button to subscribe random thoughts to watch uncommon and unique content on YouTube for free .  let’s read first comment
matilda  says

From the way Ellen looks at Portia you’d think that there was no-one else in the world. Those two make the most beautiful couple

Selena Cole says 

They are so cute together. I love the fact that they have a connecting friendship at most! 

TheHappyheart77 says ‘’They do make such a wonderful couple I cannot imagine either of them with anybody else ,they radiate so much joy when they are together’’
Dina  comments  Anyone can be either homosexual or bisexual or heterosexual…this is called sexual orientation..you should study psychology and stop judging others.there are things that we cannot control

mary epifano says 

God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

Fea P. Says 

Homosexuality is nonsense.. I still find Ellen very interesting and funny though, but lesbianism

maria parker says 

beautiful people inside and out.. no hate comments from me as there is absolutely no need to hate, how can you hate a love story? Only mean people with no heart can do that!
kamileen says 

It’s crazy. Woman can’t be a man and a man can’t be a woman……. Where are the kids….. LOL 

Vorteg Anum  says 

If everyone on this planet was gay we would have no human race.

Now that’s a very different comment about Portia. May be the first negative comment about Portia
Albino Natividad says Portia is actually career less so she stick up with ellen who is more famous to remain relevant and have some connections in the industry. That’s how it works in a relationship like this.

This comment reflects the reason behind such relations. The way Men treat women, I Wish I be a Lesbian. I am Sick of Men and Cheaters. it.

Melina Duarte says 

Hollywood trying to show that lesbians and homosexual marriages are much better than heterosexual marriages… so she thinks that Ellen’s wedding is a Hollywood conspiracy. 

These were some random  comments but My opinion is, nothing in this world is completely wrong or completely right. There are three aspects of this relation. Biological, psychological and social aspect. Biologically homosexuality is not an abnormality and this is not obviously anomalous choice of a person but rather his or her genetic makeup that makes a person homosexual bisexual or hertrosexual. According to recent researches in biology homosexuality is observed in approximately 450 species. This fact counters the arguments such as if animals are not homosexual, then homosexuality in humans is unnatural. So biologically we can’t categorize anything as normal or abnormal without considering it on scientific grounds. 

Also, physiologically, this kind of relation is no more considered as a mental illness or a negative behavior. Some people hold the narrative that a woman can be better understood by another woman than a man. Ellen herself said in one of her interviews that ‘’ it’s wonderful to be loved but it’s profound to be understood’’ but this understanding between a woman and a woman is an individual case and it can’t be generalized. 

Now coming to the sociological aspect. Despite the fact that lesbian or gay marriages are legal in 27 countries, such relations are not tolerated by majority of the countries and are considered as taboo. This is because people always resist deviation from norms and religion because all religious scriptures condemn such relations.  Ellen’s wife Portia also expressed her fears and insecurities about public’s reaction on her relation with Ellen. But she also said that “”Ellen has completely changed the way I look at life, she’s made me not worry about what other people and I’m still working on that , I have to be honest. This shows that Portia also had some concerns about public reaction on her relation with Ellen. 

But in my opinion, Ellen being stronger and mature can perfectly counter any criticism or public reaction on her relation but Portia, being younger and sensitive, seems much worried about it.  this is not an expert opinion, rather a random thought. Give this video a thumbs up and leave your random thoughts in the comment section!