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The Man Behind the Story of Father Christmas/Santa Claus


St. Nicholas turned into a Bishop who lived within the fourth century in an area referred to as Myra in Asia Minor (now called Turkey). He changed into a very rich guy due to the fact his mother and father died when he turned into younger and left him loads of cash. He became additionally a totally type man and had a recognition for helping the negative and giving secret items to folks that wanted it. There are numerous legends approximately St. Nicholas, despite the fact that we do not know if any of them are authentic!

The most famous story about St. Nicholas tells how the custom of hanging up stockings to put presents in first started! It goes like this:

There become a terrible man who had 3 daughters. The guy became so bad that he did not have sufficient money for a dowry, so his daughters could not get married. (A dowry is a sum of money paid to the bridegroom by way of the brides mother and father on the wedding day. This nevertheless happens in some countries, even today.) One night, Nicholas secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney and into the house (This intended that the oldest daughter was then able to be married.). The bag fell right into a stocking that had been hung with the aid of the fire to dry! This become repeated later with the second one daughter. Finally, decided to find out the individual that had given him the cash, the daddy secretly concealed with the aid of the fireplace every night till he caught Nicholas dropping in a bag of gold. Nicholas begged the man to no longer inform every body what he had finished, because he did not want to deliver interest to himself. But soon the news were given out and whilst everybody received a mystery gift, it was notion that perhaps it turned into from Nicholas.

Because of his kindness Nicholas was made a Saint. St. Nicholas isn’t always most effective the saint of kids but also of sailors! One tale tells of him helping some sailors that were stuck in a dreadful hurricane off the coast of Turkey. The hurricane become raging around them and all of the guys have been terrified that their ship would sink under the giant waves. They prayed to St. Nicholas to assist them. Suddenly, he turned into status on the deck earlier than them. He ordered the sea to be calm, the hurricane died away, and that they had been capable of sail their ship effectively to port.

St. Nicholas turned into exiled from Myra and later installed prison during the persecution by way of the Emperor Diocletian. No one is genuinely knows whilst he died, however it become on 6th December in both 345 or 352. In 1087, his bones have been stolen from Turkey with the aid of a few Italian merchant sailors. The bones are actually kept within the Church named after him within the Italian port of Bari. On St. Nicholas banquet day (sixth December), the sailors of Bari nevertheless bring his statue from the Cathedral out to sea, so that he can bless the waters and so give them safe voyages in the course of the year.

In 1066, before he set sail to England, William the Conqueror prayed to St. Nicholas asking that his conquest could pass nicely.

How St. Nicholas Became Santa Claus
Santa in exclusive color clothing
In the sixteenth Century in northern Europe, after the reformation, the tales and traditions about St. Nicholas have become unpopular.

But someone needed to supply provides to children at Christmas, so inside the UK, specifically in England, he became ‘Father Christmas’ or ‘Old Man Christmas’, an antique person from memories plays in the course of the center a long time inside the UK and parts of northern Europe. In France, he became then known as ‘Père Nöel’.

In a few countries together with components of Austria and Germany, gift giver became the ‘Christkind’ a golden-haired infant, with wings, who symbolizes the new born baby Jesus.

In the early USA his name was ‘Kris Kringle’ (from the Christkind). Later, Dutch settlers in the USA took the antique stories of St. Nicholas with them and Kris Kringle and St Nicholas have become ‘Sinterklaas’ or as we now say ‘Santa Claus’!

Many nations, mainly ones in Europe, have a good time St. Nicholas’ Day on sixth December. In The Netherlands and a few different European Countries, youngsters leave clogs or footwear out at the fifth December (St. Nicholas Eve) to be full of offers. They also believe that if they leave some hay and carrots in their shoes for Sinterklaas’s horse, they’ll be left some sweets.

St. Nicholas became famous once more in the Victorian technology when writers, poets and artists rediscovered the vintage memories.

In 1823 the famous poem ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ or ‘T’became the Night earlier than Christmas’, turned into published. Dr Clement Clarke Moore later claimed that he had written it for his youngsters. (Some scholars now consider that it turned into without a doubt written via Henry Livingston, Jr., who turned into relative of Dr Moore’s wife.) The poem describes St. Nicholas with eight reindeer and gives them their names. They became clearly widely known inside the song ‘Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer’, written in 1949. Do you know all eight names? Click on Rudolph’s nose to find out!

Did you recognize that Rudolph and Santa’s other reindeers may well be all ladies!? Only lady reindeer maintain their antlers throughout winter. By Christmas time maximum men have discarded their antlers and are saving their energy ready to grow a brand new pair within the spring.

The UK Father Christmas and the American Santa Claus became increasingly more alike over the years and at the moment are one and the same.

Some people say that Santa lives at the North Pole. In Finland, they are saying that he lives inside the north a part of their us of a called Lapland.

But absolutely everyone concurs that he travels via the sky on a sledge this is pulled through reindeer, that he comes into homes down the chimney at night and locations presents for the children in socks or bags via their beds, in the front of the circle of relatives Christmas tree, or by the fire vicinity.

Most youngsters receive their offers on Christmas Eve night or early Christmas morning, but in a few international locations they get their affords on St. Nicholas’ Eve, December fifth.

St. Nicholas setting the bag of gold right into a stocking might be where the custom of getting a tangerine or satsuma at the bottom of your Christmas stocking came from. If people couldn’t have enough money gold, some golden fruit changed into a terrific alternative – and until the final 50 years these were quite unusual fruits and so still unique!

The largest Christmas stocking became 51m 35cm (168ft 5.65in) long and 21m 63cm (70ft 11.57in) huge (from the heel to the toe). It turned into made the volunteer emergency services organisation Pubblica Assistenza Carrara e Sezioni (Italy) in Carrara, Tuscany, Italy, on fifth January 2011. Just suppose what number of presents you can in shape in that!

Santa Claus and Coca-Cola

There’s a Christmas Urban Legend that says that Santa’s crimson match changed into designed by way of Coca-Cola and that they could even ‘own’ Santa!

This is definitely NOT TRUE!
Long before coke were invented, St Nicholas had worn his Bishop’s red gowns. During Victorian times and before that, he wore a number colours (red, green, blue and brown fur) however red was constantly his favourite!

In January 1863, the magazine Harper’s Weekly published the first illustration of St Nicholas/St Nick by way of Thomas Nast. In this he turned into carrying a ‘Stars and Stripes’ outfit! Over the subsequent twenty years Thomas Nast persisted to draw Santa every Christmas and his works had been very popular certainly (he ought to were excellent buddies with Santa to get such precise get entry to!).

This is when Santa truely commenced to expand his big tummy and the fashion of red and white outfit he wears these days. Nast designed Santa’s look on a few historic facts approximately Santa and the poem ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’.

On January 1st 1881, Harper’s Weekly published Nast’s most famous picture of Santa, whole with a large purple belly, an arm complete of toys and smoking a pipe!

This photograph of Santa have become very famous, with greater artists drawing Santa in his crimson and white dress from 1900 to 1930.

Santa turned into first utilized in Coke adverts in the 1920s, with Santa searching just like the drawings of Thomas Nast. In 1931, the traditional ‘Coke Santa’ changed into drawn through artist Haddon Sundblom. He took the concept of Nast’s Santa however made him even more large than life and jolly, changed the pipe with a pitcher of Coke and created the famous Coke keeping Santa!

Coca-Cola additionally agree that the red fit changed into made popular by way of Thomas Nast no longer them!

Coke has endured to apply Santa of their advertisements since the Thirties. In 1995 they also delivered the ‘Coca-Cola Christmas truck’ in the ‘Holidays are coming’ TV ads. The purple truck, blanketed with lighting and with the traditional ‘Coke Santa’ on its aspects is now a well-known a part of latest Christmas history.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Marriage What Society Thinks?


We all see great content on YouTube. But isn’t it true that most of us go through comment section while watching the video.  What if you watch the video that contains most interesting comments about your favorite topic? Let’s read some comments about Ellen and Portia that got likes or reaction or are interesting or different. We picked up all sorts of comments. Positive, negative and neutral ones. 

Before reading those comments and analyzing how people reacted on Ellen’s and Portia’s wedding and how most of the people think about Ellen’s wedding, click the red button to subscribe random thoughts to watch uncommon and unique content on YouTube for free .  let’s read first comment
matilda  says

From the way Ellen looks at Portia you’d think that there was no-one else in the world. Those two make the most beautiful couple

Selena Cole says 

They are so cute together. I love the fact that they have a connecting friendship at most! 

TheHappyheart77 says ‘’They do make such a wonderful couple I cannot imagine either of them with anybody else ,they radiate so much joy when they are together’’
Dina  comments  Anyone can be either homosexual or bisexual or heterosexual…this is called sexual orientation..you should study psychology and stop judging others.there are things that we cannot control

mary epifano says 

God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve

Fea P. Says 

Homosexuality is nonsense.. I still find Ellen very interesting and funny though, but lesbianism

maria parker says 

beautiful people inside and out.. no hate comments from me as there is absolutely no need to hate, how can you hate a love story? Only mean people with no heart can do that!
kamileen says 

It’s crazy. Woman can’t be a man and a man can’t be a woman……. Where are the kids….. LOL 

Vorteg Anum  says 

If everyone on this planet was gay we would have no human race.

Now that’s a very different comment about Portia. May be the first negative comment about Portia
Albino Natividad says Portia is actually career less so she stick up with ellen who is more famous to remain relevant and have some connections in the industry. That’s how it works in a relationship like this.

This comment reflects the reason behind such relations. The way Men treat women, I Wish I be a Lesbian. I am Sick of Men and Cheaters. it.

Melina Duarte says 

Hollywood trying to show that lesbians and homosexual marriages are much better than heterosexual marriages… so she thinks that Ellen’s wedding is a Hollywood conspiracy. 

These were some random  comments but My opinion is, nothing in this world is completely wrong or completely right. There are three aspects of this relation. Biological, psychological and social aspect. Biologically homosexuality is not an abnormality and this is not obviously anomalous choice of a person but rather his or her genetic makeup that makes a person homosexual bisexual or hertrosexual. According to recent researches in biology homosexuality is observed in approximately 450 species. This fact counters the arguments such as if animals are not homosexual, then homosexuality in humans is unnatural. So biologically we can’t categorize anything as normal or abnormal without considering it on scientific grounds. 

Also, physiologically, this kind of relation is no more considered as a mental illness or a negative behavior. Some people hold the narrative that a woman can be better understood by another woman than a man. Ellen herself said in one of her interviews that ‘’ it’s wonderful to be loved but it’s profound to be understood’’ but this understanding between a woman and a woman is an individual case and it can’t be generalized. 

Now coming to the sociological aspect. Despite the fact that lesbian or gay marriages are legal in 27 countries, such relations are not tolerated by majority of the countries and are considered as taboo. This is because people always resist deviation from norms and religion because all religious scriptures condemn such relations.  Ellen’s wife Portia also expressed her fears and insecurities about public’s reaction on her relation with Ellen. But she also said that “”Ellen has completely changed the way I look at life, she’s made me not worry about what other people and I’m still working on that , I have to be honest. This shows that Portia also had some concerns about public reaction on her relation with Ellen. 

But in my opinion, Ellen being stronger and mature can perfectly counter any criticism or public reaction on her relation but Portia, being younger and sensitive, seems much worried about it.  this is not an expert opinion, rather a random thought. Give this video a thumbs up and leave your random thoughts in the comment section!

Do cats remember their babies?

Do Cats Remember Their Babies
Do Cats Remember Their Babies

Have you ever got lost in a crowd? Do you remember how your mother reacted to it? Was she in distress? Was she worried about not finding you ever again? Your answers to these must be a yes. It is obvious for humans to have a stronger connection than any other living creature on Earth and when it’s a mother and a child relation, it is exceptional. You must have seen your mother’s unconditional love towards you. It will be difficult for you to even think, that a mother can ever forget her child. Isn’t that so? 

Welcome to a new episode of Random Thoughts! Today we are going to reveal some unbelievable facts so get your popcorns ready and come with us to unfold if cats really do remember their babies?

Cats give birth to a litter that has usually around 3 or more kittens. She loves them unconditionally just like your mother loves you because a mother is a mother no matter a human or an animal. She takes care of her little kittens, grooms them, feeds them and teaches them the do’s and don’ts of living, from doing pee to hunting the prey, all are taught by the mother cat. Even after she nurtures them, it is hard to believe that cats forget their babies. 

A lot of questions must be fuming in your mind as to how can a cat forget her own babies? 

Cat spends most of her early motherhood weeks around her litter in the same environment where they develop a distinct scent. This lets them know this is their safe haven. So how do they create that environment? Cat marks the boundaries of her territory with her scent. If you own a cat, you must have noticed, it licks you and the things around it or brushes its body against the chairs and tables and even around your feet. You might feel it does that to show affection. That is true but also, it marks its territory by leaving its scent to claim its ownership. Through this, it is able to identify what belongs to her and who is its friend. 

Similarly, a mother cat and her kittens lick or rub each other’s cheeks, paws and faces to exchange their scents to create a bond of familiarity and belongingness with each other. Most of the kittens from different litter seems identical. So how do the cats identify their own kittens? There comes the scent. Every kitten has a distinct scent mixed with her mother’s scent and a unique meow that helps the cat identify her litter. It might seem confusing to you as humans detect their family members through face identity. But that is not the case with cats. Cats depend on scent, not vision to recognize each other. 

Here comes the interesting part you were waiting for. Now we are clear how the cat validates her babies, it is through the scent. When a kitten or a grown-up cat leaves the territory or it’s mother’s nest, after a few weeks the mother wouldn’t recognize her. A little confused? Let’s make it simpler to understand. When kittens losses contact with its birth family, it adopts the scent of another environment it moves in. When a mother sees her baby after a few weeks, she denies her belonging as she is unable to catch the usual scent. Even the baby doesn’t recognize its own litter as it adopts a different scent and forgets it’s the early territorial scent. When you take one of your kittens to veterinarian, take her favorite blanket with you. Before returning it to its litter, rub that blanket on her so it regains its usual scent overcoming the clinical scent as there are chances that the litter may deny the kitten because they may sense an unusual scent. It is more common for a male kitten to leave the litter as it plans to mark his own territory while female kitten stays longer with her mother and help her raise future litter kittens.

Are you thinking of adopting a cat, or do you feel the unease that you might be unfair to them, taking them away from their mother? You might think it is distressing for a mother to lose her kitten. Every mother sorrows the loss of their children. Humans tend to sorrow for years or even their whole lives. Cats do not follow this trend. After the cat loses her baby, she searches and meows for a response, but a few days later, she forgets and moves back in her normal life. Similarly, the kitten might not eat for a few days and might seem sad and lost, but then it adapts to the environment itself. It is a little difficult for kittens to survive alone as they are not well trained than the grown-up cats who are ready to face the circumstances.

If you find a lost kitten, what would you do? Apart from cats forget their babies, cats are willing to adopt a new kitten to her litter. When a friend of a cat gives birth, the aunt cat helps her in nurturing the kittens and even feed them her own milk. So if you find a lone kitten, you can add her to your cat’s litter but remember to get her clinically checked.

This is what we found. If you enjoyed this video, do like, share and comment down below what are your thoughts as now you found out the cats really not care much about their lost kittens? Are you still planning to adopt one? 

What Will Happen If We Start Reading Others’ Minds

Mind Reading
Mind Reading

One cannot deny the fact that no enjoyment can compete the enjoyment of exercising power. But at the same time, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. So there always remains a paradox of ‘exercising power and its adverse effects’. Mind Reading is a power and it has no exceptions from the paradox of Power. It has both the bright side and the dark side.

Mind Reading is a power but have you ever thought of the effects of this power?

What would happen if all men had the ability to read the minds of other men?

Have you any idea?

Of course you might have many ideas explicit or implicit. Most of us would answer the question that it would have been good if this ability had been in the possession of men.

• Mind Reading would exterminate cheating. There would not be possibility to cheat anyone. As such, all complaints regarding cheating would have been suffocated.

• Through Mind Reading, there would not be anything like hypocrisy and guile. Everyone should have to be straight forward.

• Don’t you think that if it were so all our dictionaries would have words of only positive connotations?

• Literature would be without complex and intricate characters because literature is the mirror of society; when there would not be such characters and events then all the characters of the stories would be simple and straight.

• There would not be the surprises and this lack of surprises, some of you might think, would de-color the life.

• There would not be the enigmas and riddles. All the facts would be like a well done sum.

• There would not be the concealments. All our matters and affair must have been sort of geometrical shapes.

• There would not be any fool and no one can make fool others even if tried his best. 

• A mind is its own place. It can make anything but keeps it concealed but after the Mind Reading revolution, it could not keep its hell or heaven, concealed.

• We won’t have word like secret. Nothing could be secret and all the affairs and matters were ‘’silver and exact’’ like a mirror.

• Hatred sustains most of the time if remains concealed. But at the revelation it mostly it gets alleviated. So we can guess that with the power of mind reading we can kill the emotions of hatred.

• Wrath could not grow in one’s heart like a “poison tree’’. As Blake has said in his poem:

             “I was angry with my friend

              I told my wrath, my wrath did end.

              I was angry with my foe,

              I told it not my wrath did grow”

• All our relations with one another are very complex in modern times. This is mostly because we don’t know what others do and what others want to do. Everyone lives in his own confessional like box. If this screen of ignorance could be removed, we have better relations with one another.

These are some of the assumptions we might make having the idea of Mind Reading but this is not the entire picture. As we have said that there are always some adverse effects of power too so now we discuss what might be the dark side of this coin.

If men could read the minds of each other then it might be possible that

• All men would have lost interest in the other men. Because our interest in the other people is due to the diversity in their nature. When there is no variety there would nothing be interesting in people.

• Everyone would be like all the other men and this monotony would have killed the beauty of life.

• Mind Reading can minimize the extensions of life. There would be no hopes and it is hopes which lift the life and extend it. Most of the relations of ours are based on the hopes with the other. For example the marriage. We marry other one in hope that he or she would be with us at the every turn of life both in prosperity and adversity. Think for a moment that you read the mind of your would be spouse and he is known not trust worthy at that moment then it must kill the possibilities to be together. 

• There would not be the compromises and this can make the situation worse. Concealment provokes us to compromise but if there is everything clear then there could be no compromises which has been proved a very constructive action in relations and affairs.

• Punishment will be given at Will not at the actions. A criminal mind is one thing but a criminal action is another thing. Punishments are only given at the actions because this the embodiment of the criminal thought. A mere criminal thought has nothing to do with society unless it is revealed in the form of action. A criminal has opportunities to give up his criminal thought and avoid the consequences but when his thoughts are read he could be punished at his will only and this can be cause of the anarchy both in psychology of an individual and in the psychology of the society. There would be no remorse, no feeling of guilty and no opportunity of repentance. On one hand it might be good to nip the crimes in the bud but on the other hand the anarchy and destruction of the individual as consequences is obvious in this matter.

• Wars also will be generated at the will not at the attack.

Many of the countries of the world are enemies of each other for instance India and Pakistan, Iran and Israel, America and Russia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia and Iran etc.  But they do not attack and invade each other because there are many concealments of intentions among them and the most vivid thing is that they avoid attack being ignorant of the plans and strategy of the other country.

If one of the country read the mind of the other the avoidance of the attack will be lost and that war which could be avoid , would not be avoided and before the country that has intention to attack would get attacked by the other country. So in this way mind reading will open the doors of the war for such countries who generally avoid the war.

• There would not be such fertile and diverse literature in the world. What remains enigma, is revealed by literature in a very enigmatic way. But when there will be exactness like mirror this “mirror” of society will lose its brightness.

• If minds could be read then there would remain no need of human sciences. People will be at the verges of two extent: the misanthropy and the life without the blood of passions, emotions and desires.

• Life would be monotonous and this monotony will instigate human to commit suicide on account to get rid of the life like a mathematics equation.

• There would not be any sort of poetry.

Poetry is to recover the experience of the life by a person who involves his own desire, emotions and thoughts in this recovery. When there is mind reading there would be straightness while the relation between poetry and reality is always oblique. So this straightness will exterminate the poetry.

People want solutions not the equations. They are very different things and only solutions suit the human beings. So the Mind Reading will always remain a paradox. We should move towards solutions and Mind Reading is not the solution it is more like an equation. Human-Society and human-desire and hopes will suffocate in the clutch of this power. This is our random-thought what we thought. Now let us know what you think? Do you want to read your friend’s or relatives’ mind? Please let us know in the comments section of the video.

Can you stop wearing your glasses if you eat enough carrots?


Your eyes are an important part of your health. Like the rest of your body, your eyes can deteriorate as you get older – but a problem with your eyesight is no small matter. A vast majority in the population wear glasses or contact lenses. For older people, it is extremely rare not to use glasses or contact lenses. According to an estimate, more than 6 in 10 people wear glasses or contact lenses.

On the other hand, many experts think, carrots are very beneficial for your eyes’ health. If you are thinking the same, then don’t miss this episode.
Hello and welcome to another episode of random thoughts.

The question is can you stop wearing your glasses if you eat enough carrots?

Carrots contain beta-carotene, which our bodies convert into a chemical commonly known as vitamin A.
It is necessary for vision. In the cells of our retinas known as rods, there is a pigment called rhodopsin.
When light traverses the eye and hits the retina, it bleaches that pigment. The intensity of the light determines the degree of bleaching, which determines the intensity of the signal transmitted to the brain. ( these rods can be manually stimulated by rubbing our eyes, which causes a sensation of bright spots even while the eyes are closed). The pigment cannot stay bleached, though. The rhodopsin must be quickly recycled, like shaking an Etch A Sketch, so that it can be bleached again. This process requires vitamin A. Without it, the rods will bleach, leading to blindness.
Deficiency of beta-carotene and vitamin A is often referred to as “ night blindness” because the symptoms are first noticed in low-light conditions, but eventually, it leads to total blindness.
But it is not all, dude!

However, having extra vitamin A will not make the pigment recycle faster. Take all the vitamin A you want, drink all the carrot juice at the club, and it still won’t help your vision.
Extra beta-carotene may not improve vision, it can have the effect of turning your eyes and skin yellow.
The office of Dietary Supplements of the National Institutes of Health notes that vitamin A overdose “ is usually a result of consuming too much-preformed vitamin A supplements.” Juices, too, making it easy to get too much beta carotene. Juicing strips vegetables of fiber, removing the mass that fills your stomach and triggers a sense of fullness. Just a half-cup of raw carrots has 184 percent of the daily recommended amount of beta-carotene, a plausibly safe and reasonable dose. After eating that much carrot, most of
we think, “ Okay, that’s plenty of carrots for me.”

A half glass of carrot juice, meanwhile, has many times more bioactive chemicals. Do that regularly, and vitamin A will build up in your skin, causing a yellow hue.

But Beware Buddy! It should be harmless, though long-term intake of high levels of vitamin A has caused fatal liver failure.
When infants are given too much, the pressure inside their heads increases until their intracranial

contents are visibly bulging out of the “soft spots” in their skulls, where the cranium has yet to fuse. (Called fontanelles, from the diminutive of Fontaine, these are little brain fountains.)
All of this excess vitamin A could just as well be going to the kids with night blindness.
So there must be balance and avoid excess as it is said: “Excess of everything is bad.”

Do We Really Need 8 Glasses Of Water Every Day?

8 Glass of water
8 Glass of water

Everybody used to listen that we need 8 glasses of water every day but is it true? so let’s find out we
have scientific study and reasons in this video so let’s find out you only need few minutes to find out so
let’s begin.

Among the most important medical interventions that exist today and the most popular prescriptions in the world- is “saltwater”. Put nine grams of salt into a sterile liter of water, and this is multibillion-
dollar product is known as “saline”. It’s injected into most patients who are admitted to most hospitals.

What does not come through our mouths goes directly into our bloodstreams.

For saline global demand has always been great indeed and that is why there has always been
“potential” of its shortage.
Amid the ongoing shortage of these expensive bags of saltwater, the American Society of Health-System
Pharmacists made the novel recommendation that, whenever possible, medical facilities use “Oral
hydration”. That is . of course, medical jargon for “drinking”.
While most doctors are intensely trained in the art of hydrating people via the vein, the question of
how best to drink is somehow open to interpretation.
Inside hospitals, hydration is a serious priority. Doctors calibrate sodium concentrations and calculate precise rates at which the bag drips into our veins. Outside of hospitals, there is chaos. We hydrate
based on how beverage companies see fit to implicate our kidneys in our quests to purchase purity and
Now the question arises, how, then should one drink?

You must hear or make hear:
“Drink more water”

But do you know about any recommended water quota?
While saying only that more water is better isn’t likely to cause health problems directly, it causes them by omission. It also perpetuates a long-held misunderstanding about how hydration works. It’s a misconception that we may find annoys hydration experts when it doesn’t infuriate them.

Our bean-shaped kidneys keep the body’s electrolyte levels constant by excreting water, electrolytes and nitrogen. The varying concentrations are reflected in urine color, and indeed urine color (and taste)
has for centuries served as a proxy for human health.

“Light yellow means you are hydrated;
Bright yellow means you are dehydrated;
And dark yellow like apple juice means you are really dehydrated.”
H2O is a chemical added to our bodily equations just like anything else. There is no reason to hold it
apart, as many of us have been taught to do, and think that more is always better.

Even water can be deadly in the right doses.
If you have ever tasted blood then you know it’s salty. The concentration of that salt is among the most important numbers in our bodies. Hydration is not a story of giving the body water; it is a story of giving
the body the materials it requires to keep itself in balance.
For all that we eat and drink and sweat and urinate, our kidneys do a phenomenal job of that. Kidneys can almost always manage to keep our blood sodium levels at 140 millimoles of sodium per liter of plasma. Keeping that concentration from getting too high or too low is the core tenet of hydration, and thus life.
when you sweat out a lot or drink too much water, sodium levels in our blood begin to fall. This can lead
to the dangerous condition called hyponatremia, heralded by lethargy, restlessness, confusion,
drowsiness- even seizures and death in severe cases.
If a person drinks enough to dilute the level of sodium in their blood, this causes the cells of the brain to swell. In the process, water intoxication can mimic psychosis or bipolar disorder.

So always keep in mind we do not need more but enough to get balance only. Always drink simple and

we hope this video makes some sense or if we wrong to share your thought down in the comments
remember to get this video like and share this video with your friends and click subscribe to stay here
on our channel Random thoughts.

Black Hole – No More Complicated Explanations

black hole
black hole

You may be surprised if you are informed that a Black Hole was once a star. Black and a star? Really?? This amazement might be because we have always been used to associate light with the star because of the nursery rhyme,
Twinkle, twinkle little star…
So in our mind twinkling and a star is indispensable. But in that rhyme, there is a half-truth. A star can be little but cannot be twinkling forever.
If you are really interested to know what actually black holes are, then don’t miss this episode. Hello and welcome to another episode of random thoughts.

The death of large stars leads to black holes because a star’s gravity will overwhelm the star’s natural pressure that it maintains to keep its shape. When the pressure from the nuclear reactions collapses, gravity overwhelms and collapses the star’s core, and the star’s other layers are thrown off into space, and this process is also known as a supernova. The remainder of the core collapses, a spot overcome by density and without volume – a black hole.
The First Black Hole Wasn’t Discovered until X-Ray Astronomy was Used.
Cygnus X-1 was the first black hole discovered in the 1960s, and it’s 10 times more massive than the Sun.
Black holes are some of the strangest and most fascinating objects found in outer space.
They are objects of extreme density, with such strong gravitational attraction that even light cannot escape from their grasp if it comes near enough.
There are Three Categories of Black Holes.
1) Primordial Black holes – These are the smallest of black holes and range from an atom’s size to a mountain’s mass.
2) Stellar Black Holes – These are the most common of black holes and they can be up to 20 times more massive than the Sun. There is also a variety of these all over the Milky Way.
3) Supermassive Black Holes – These are the largest of black holes, being more than 1 million times massive than the Sun.

Much like a black body in thermodynamics, a black hole is a region of space that pulls everything in but prevents anything from escaping, even light. The reason it is called a “black” hole is that it sucks up all the light that hits its border and reflects nothing. Formed when an amply compact mass deforms space and time, a black hole has a defined surface known as the “event horizon” which marks the point of no return.
The “Event Horizon” as it is called in physics, is the border of the black of hole. It’s the point of no return. Before that point, you can still escape. After that point…not a chance.
Black Holes Are Funky
Let say someone falls into a black hole and there’s an observer that witnesses this. The person who fell into the black hole, time slows down for him relative to the person watching. This is explained by Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, which states that time is affected by how fast you are going when you’re at extreme speeds close to the light. Just as a clock runs a bit slower close to sea level than up on a space station, clocks run really slow near black holes. It all has to do with gravity.
Stephen Hawking says,
“The existence of radiation from black holes seems to imply that gravitational collapse is not as final and irreversible as we once thought. If an astronaut falls into a black hole, its mass will increase, but eventually, the energy equivalent to that extra mass will be returned to the universe in the form of radiation. Thus, in a sense, the astronaut will be ‘recycled’. It would be a poor sort of immortality, however, because any personal concept of time for the astronaut would almost certainly come to an end as he was torn apart inside the black hole! Even the types of particles that were eventually emitted by the black hole would, in general, be different from those that made up the astronaut: the only feature of the astronaut that would survive would be his mass or energy.”

Black Holes glow like a hot body and the smaller they are the more they glow. So, paradoxically, smaller black holes might actually turn out to be easier to detect than large ones!
Moreover the lower the mass of black hole, the higher its temperature. So as the black hole loses mass, its temperature and rate of emission increase, so it loses mass more quickly. What happens when the mass of the black hole eventually becomes extremely small is not quite clear but the most reasonable guess is that it would disappear completely in a tremendous final burst of emission, equivalent to the explosion of millions of Hydrogen bombs.
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Why is the sun on fire even if there is no air present in space?


What is weather actually? State of atmosphere surrounding the earth is what is called weather. Atmosphere is considered the gaseous mantle (mostly oxygen and nitrogen) encasing the earth and rotating with it in space. Of the three significant segments making up a fire situation (Fuel, Weather and Topography), the weather is the most significant, yet it is constantly evolving. 

But did it ever occur to you, Why is the sun on fire even if there is no air present in space? Yes, I know you are wondering why did it never cross your mind before? Hello and Welcome to another mindblowing episode of random thoughts. 

In this episode, we are going to discuss facts about sun being on fire when there is no air present in space. Before moving further let me remind you of subscribing to our channel and press the bell icon so you will get the notification for our next videos. Let’s think…

How is the sun burning

The sun doesn’t really “burn” in a way like a fire. The sun is for the most part included hydrogen and helium which is under massive pressure made by gravitational force in the sun’s core. The pressure is extraordinary to the point that it raises the temperature of these gases so unimaginably high that atomic fusion happens. The procedure of atomic fusion consolidates lighter atoms into new, heavier elements and discharges an enormous measure of energy as light, heat and other electromagnetic radiation. These various types of radiation is the thing that makes the sun so sweltering and brilliant.

In about 5 billion years, the sun will go through the entirety of its hydrogen and helium fuel, become a red mammoth and may expand out the extent that the circle of the Earth, conceivably immersing our planet all the while. In the end, the expansion will stop, and the external layers of the sun will scatter into space deserting a white smaller person, which is a similarly little and thick sphere of issue that will shine and radiate (with no further combination) for billions of years past the presence of the sun in its present state. Sooner or later, the entirety of its residual energy will dissipate abandoning a dark diminutive person. On account of bigger, progressively massive stars, their lives can end in increasingly fantastic style with a supernova explosion, which is one of the most enthusiastic infinite marvels at any point found. 

Individuals will in general utilize the expression “burn” freely with regards to stars, since they take fuel (gases), and transform their atoms into energy through combination. On Earth, “consuming” commonly alludes to the procedure of combustion, which includes a fuel joined with heat and an oxidizer (most every now and again oxygen from the atmosphere) to create flame just as energy. Despite the fact that they are totally various procedures, the distinguishable final product is heat and light.

It is accepted that similarity is the reason the expression “burn” is utilized all the more by and large with regards to talking about how stars utilize their fuel, despite the fact that it’s not actually precise. For certain individuals, it feels increasingly normal to state, “the sun burns gases to create energy” instead of all the more effectively expressing, “the sun wires hydrogen and helium into heavier components to deliver energy”. Albeit “burning” may not be actually right in reference to stars, it sounds progressively natural, when as a general rule, the sun is basically a gravity-moderated nuclear fusion reactor.

No burning response in Sun

There is no burning response in the sun. The sun has enough mass to generate inside of it the high pressure region, where hydrogen molecules transform into helium iotas with nuclear combination which releases a significant amount  of energy. 

You realize that there are nuclear reactors on earth that create electricity, they don’t “ignite with oxygen” not one or the other. The sun is the greatest nuclear reactor in our star system.

Sun sure is the Hottest

The Sun is made up primarily of hydrogen gas.Its core is by far its hottest part.

In addition to the intense heat, there is an incredible amount of pressure at the Sun’s core. In fact, the vast amounts of hydrogen atoms in the Sun’s core are compressed and heated so much that they fuse together.

This reaction, known as nuclear fusion, converts hydrogen atoms into helium. The by-product of nuclear fusion in the Sun’s core is a massive volume of energy that gets released and radiates outward toward the surface of the Sun and then into the solar system beyond it.

The nuclear fusion reaction that occurs in the Sun’s core is similar to the reaction that produces the mighty explosion in a hydrogen bomb. Of course, the fusion reactions that occur in the Sun’s core are almost-infinitely more powerful than a hydrogen bomb. So why doesn’t the Sun explode?

The outward pressure created by the fusion reactions in the Sun’s core are balanced by the inward pressure created by the gravitational force of all the gases that surround the core. Stars can and do collapse or explode if the fusion reactions at their cores become too weak or too strong.

Fortunately for those of us living on Earth, the Sun’s outward and inward pressures are nicely balanced for the next 1 billion years resulting in a steady stream of energy coming our way.

If Space is Vacuum How are we breathing?

Humans are on a planet where gravity holds down an atmosphere. The sun has an atmosphere as well yet it is so fantastically enormous that at its center, the weight from all that gravity makes lighter components intertwine and discharge gigantic measures of energy. That energy in the end makes it way out and we see sunlight. 

There is some ‘burning’ occurring in the sun’s upper atmosphere. Any oxygen that lands in its atmosphere would rapidly respond with different things and ‘consume’ however as it went deeper it’d separate again rapidly. The measure of burning material is endlessly little and insignificant yet it’s not 100% precise to state there is NO ‘burning’.

Hence, The point is made that sun isn’t burning in the space it is something similar to the earth burning at it very core like lava. Sun also had its own atmosphere and sun has the gases like helium and hydrogen and the sun is a. star so it has enough high temperature to nuclear fusion so that release the energy and that is light energy but that is not the burning of the sun.

If Plants And Trees Would Suddenly Start Walking


Plants and trees are the beauty of nature. The way they breathe and incorporate into our breathing system is commendable, like any other law of nature. We are coexisting with mother nature in order to take advantage of it and serve it likewise. Trees have been known to feed, house and otherwise nurture countless creatures over time. Around 3 million trees currently exist, supporting habitats for old-growth forests to city streets. The humankind is literally spread over the planet earth, thinking it belonged to them alone. Being omnipotent had them at the disposal to rule over all other creatures. Men have restricted animals to cages or forests. The same is the case with nature, either it is restricted to forests or allowed to breathe with us as much as it is needed. Unwanted trees are cut down for clearing land or making paper etc. Their life in a way is governed by mankind.

But did it ever occur to you, what would happen if plants and trees would start walking? Yes, I know you are wondering why did it never cross your mind before? Hello and Welcome to another mindblowing episode of random thoughts. 

In this episode, we are going to discuss what would happen if trees and plants would start walking. Before moving further let me remind you of subscribing to our channel and press the bell icon so you will get the notification for our next videos. Let’s think…

How would you feel having trees walking around you and plants moving along with you? You must be wondering that it would be a drastic sight to have trees crowding the streets and roads causing many destructions on the way. Why would you even think of risking so much with this thought? But, let me assure you of the ride through this random thought would be worth it. 

Let Us Ponder!

We are already familiar with the thought of having animals out on the streets. You know what risks would we have to face when wild animals may creep onto roads and put our lives in danger. We would be confined to homes in order to save our lives and becoming food for creatures we’ve been eating for decades. The same thought is dreadful when we may have trees walking in front of us, be it crossing a road or entering a street. There however exists the danger as how trees and plants would maybe move? For simplification, two answers to the query are sought. One way trees and plants may move would be moving haphazardly, crushing anything in sight or disrupting the city lives not realizing what danger they are putting mankind into. Although it wouldn’t be cruel if nature would treat us the same way we’ve been treating it. The climate change because of polluting the environment and suffocating mother nature has us at the risk of being mistreated by nature in return. What if nature is done with us being selfish? It sure would be walking to take revenge. But, second-way trees and plants may move could be moving intelligently. Trees and plants may have a life and senses equal to ours, they may communicate, and if not, may only understand terms to coexist with humans. 

Here are some interesting deals if trees and plants would start walking!

Trees Would Move and Make Colonies

Just like humankind finds their survival and lifestyle most easy at places that suit them, likewise, trees would be intelligent enough to move to better opportunities. Once you see them traveling to faraway lands, you must know they hate you suffocating them. The forests would be filled again, the colonies would be made at most clear and pollution-free spaces. However, trees need carbon dioxide to breathe hence they’d be forced to have better terms with other living creatures. We are wondering what would it be like in cities when we would be deprived of all the green. The horror of the situation is enough to make humans think this through. In a situation like this, we’d expect trees and plants to cooperate with us in order to co-exist and not let cities die. It seems tough to have trees understand humans.

Could Help Prevent Climate Change

We all are aware of the horror of global warming is causing to the climate of the earth. The climate change affecting countries for decades may be saved by the help of walking trees. It would not be selfish to have trees make the survival of coming generations healthy. Trees and plants realize the cooperation they would have to show in order to let on a better life at populated earth. There needs to be an impressive communication between humans and walking trees in order to let them populate in areas where a change in the weather is needed. For instance trees from forests would be invited to reside at a city location with all the suitable services provided for their survival. The trees can be promised pollution-free space to breathe in. This is the point where humans realize the worth of trees who are free to live anywhere but chose to help humans live better. 

People would prefer to pet trees or cage them 

Since walking trees and plants are not bound to listen to anyone they may reside anywhere. For the respiratory process and better atmosphere, people would be forced to have trees tied at their residences. Trees and plants would be pets at homes to be loved with care. The relationship may be selfish but humans would struggle into keeping trees and plants close to them. The gardens would give away the impression of prison when trees may be tied forcefully. Here again, mankind has portrayed themselves as hunters. The situation would surely be of war when it is upon the survival of humans. Another main reason to slave trees would be to make paper or building houses. It is a whole another struggle when you simply cannot put an ax on a tree however liked. 

‘Let Trees Walk’

Whenever it comes to animal hunting, societies in favor of saving wildlife rise. The same would be the scenario when trees would start to walk. The brutal caging and hunting of trees passing by would be condemned by people driving the slogan ‘Let Trees Walk.’ It is simply a matter of understanding that trees have an equal chance of walking around or moving just like mankind. There may arise circumstances when roads are needed to be wider for trees to walk. Proper pathways for trees and plants to move and walk would be demanded to be made by the government. When it is about the survival of both, it has to be on equal grounds. Trees would be allowed equal survival rights. Many organizations would agree to the fact but the atrocities of human selfishness may reign in those times as well. Many measures would be demanded by these organizations speaking for walking trees and plants. Hence the random thought suggests a world otherwise in the presence of walking trees.

Well, think for a minute how your life would be different in the presence of walking trees. Politics would lose its essence when it comes to survival. Negotiations with trees would become the focus. 

What would the world be like if the land area and ocean areas of Earth were switched?


Well isn’t this a thought-provoking question? When people say they don’t like hypotheticals, it formally welcomes them to think differently. There can be many possibilities of occurrences when we think of switching lands area with oceans or vice-versa. Statistically, the Earth’s surface is composed of roughly 71% water and 29% land, where the oceans hold almost 97% of all the water resources on the planet. If this ratio is reserved, the Earth would have been drastically different, with a solid landmass making up most of Earth’s surface.

Also, for this hypothetical discussion, we dare assume that everything would be opposite, pointing out that high land masses would be turned into deep trenches. The differences would be innumerable, with the Earth supporting a totally different form of life if life was even possible! With this strange premise firmly in our minds, let’s see what living on such a planet would entail.

In this episode, we are going to discuss what if the land areas and ocean areas were switched?

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Firstly, Let’s discuss Environmental Aspects

From an environmental point, we’ll have the same problems. Considering the same consumption habits and a consumption-based economy driven by fossil fuels (assuming they are available and accessible), we’ll still have to deal with the consequences of climate change – reduced green cover, erratic weather events, rising temperatures among many. Some of the greenhouse effects may be counteracted when revealed that significantly smaller share of Earth’s surface area is covered by ocean water, to absorb light and trap heat. On the basis of scientific understanding, there will be less heat absorption from the Sun since about 2/3 rds of this hypothetical Earth is covered by land. Curiously, Antarctica and the Arctic Circle are left in its present condition. So I surmise despite everything we need them to reflect off the light and fill in as a defensive spread for the planet from the Sun. However, I dread the misuse that will happen since these regions are accessible by land. Moreover, weather differences are to be witnessed as we do nowadays. 

Now let’s take a look at Geographical Aspects

Geographically, there would be large chunks of land harder to reach by sea. The Pacific and Atlantic continents could not be reached without flying. The longest flight will be across the Eurasian “ocean” from the Atlantic “continent” bordering the “Spain sea” to the South China “region”. One cannot comment on the weather differences between regions and continents. But they will exist as they do now in the real Earth. History suggests societies and communities located next to the sea are ones that are most receptive to new ideas, cultures, and influences. There will be few such communities. In contrast, there will be more inward-looking albeit autonomous societies due to the large stretches of land. Societies like such will have less trade and external contact with each other. This would especially be true in the Pacific “continent”.

Other consequence is, Earth’s Temperature Would Increase

The oceans assume a vital job in diminishing Earth’s temperature. A large amount of water evaporates from oceans, in this way forestalling an extraordinary ascent in Earth’s temperature every day. On the off chance that the vast majority of the surface was land, in any case, at that point the land would be very hot, transforming a large portion of it into deserts, while the ice caps would develop littler, flooding all the close-by land. Oceans moderate temperature, since water has a high explicit warmth limit, which implies that it assimilates more warmth without a noteworthy ascent in temperature, in contrast to the land. Without such enormous water supplies, the temperature ascent of Earth would be a long way from continuous.

The Climate Would Be Very Erratic

The continuous cycle of evaporation and condensation of Oceans helps to properly distribute heat around the Earth. The water from oceans and other water bodies evaporate into the air and also transpires from land plants and animals into the air. The water cycle would be disturbed if the oceans were converted into land, also the amount of precipitation on land areas would reduce significantly. Resultantly, droughts will occur and high variance of land climate. Land areas closer to the oceans would be moderately habitable, whereas the land in the middle, father away from the oceans, would be a very hot desert. The high altitude regions would gradually convert into rain forests, likewise, the high distance from oceans would prompt every day changes of atmosphere in continental regions. The currents would lose effectiveness with the lowered capacity of oceans, causing the gradient of temperature across the landmasses to be spectacularly high.

There are also Effects on Life

Life would have gone onto land a lot prior as far as the evolutionary cycle on the grounds that there would be less sea-land to go about as a habitat. More organisms would move towards the land, since oceans wouldn’t have the option to satisfy their vital needs. The size of creatures would likewise be generally smaller so as to cope with water scarcity, while carnivores would be rich, because of the decrease of trees and plants on the land. The anatomy of humans would be altogether different, regardless of whether they had the option to survive the high temperatures. Humans would presumably not rely upon water as much as we improve methods for headway on land, for example, increasingly agile limbs or even wings! Since the day and night temperatures would change greatly, none of the more complex animals, for example, birds and mammals, would have the option to survive. A cold-blooded populace would rule the Earth.

If it happen, Survival Would Be Difficult

The length of a day would change somewhat, because of the expansion in mass, in particular since dirt is heavier than water. In any case, this slight change may cause ripple effects in the kinds of species and the general ecosystem. Seas are a significant source of thermal and electrical vitality, and with their dramatic decrease in size, vitality requests could never again be met. Likewise, since the waterways would think that its harder to dump their water into seas, fresh water would be rare. Seas go about as settling substances that control the development of landmasses. With their absence, landmasses would end up unstable, and would be wracked with increasingly volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tectonic movements.

Well, it wasn’t that bad a ride through random thought suggesting the switch of land with oceans. 

So this is a random thought that we thought, tell us in the comments about other consequences of this switch.